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Casino Jobs Near Seattle: Perks Worth Considering

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If you are someone who likes to interact with other people, casino jobs may interest you for the right reasons. Working at a casino has many perks that cannot be ignored. Firstly, no two days at work would be the same. Only people who can afford gambling would come in, which means you will meet rich and famed guests, so interactions are always pleasurable. This is not your standard 9-to-5 jobs, where you are expected to be at the desk. Casino jobs require patience for sure, but you would be working at a place that’s beaming with action, fun, adventure, and thrills.

You can find some amazing options in casino jobs near Seattle, including many at casino resorts. Close to Seattle is Snohomish County, where there are many casinos that are looking to hire people.

Why consider working at a casino?

Besides all that we just discussed, those who work at casinos can get medical and dental insurance, and other perks. Depending on the casino you are working at, you can get 401(k) plan, which is a sponsored retirement account, for which employees can contribute. Time off from work is allowed and paid for, and you can even get holiday and birthday pay. Many casinos treat their employees really well, offering them discounts on fuel, food and beverages. Uniform, as required, will be given by the employer, and since many young people work at these casinos, many of them even have education assistance for those in need. The pay at casinos is also great, and you get to work with a team that’s willing to cooperate.

Things to know

Seattle is known for its casino and gambling scene, and while jobs are available, you have to be ready for the demanding nature of the roles. You may have to work late in the night and will have to longer shifts on many weekends. Weekends are typically very busy, but expect to get tipped, and those who work directly with the guests often make more money through tips. The nature of job at a casino resort may vary though, as these also function as hotels, and there are other services offered for guests, beyond the actual floor where real gambling happens.

Check online for finding the best casinos in Seattle and review their websites to know if there are current openings. This could be a great experience, even if you want to work for a few months.

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