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3 Tips for Bluffing in a Casino

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Most beginner guides for poker focus only on the fundamental aspects of value betting. They usually say play solidly and let people make mistakes into you. Whilst this is useful advice it doesn’t help players when they are card dead in a session. You need to find ways to bluff bad players to win too. That’s why we’re offering three helpful tips for bluffing in casinos.

1) Tell a convincing story

Most bluffs fail because the player doesn’t tell a convincing story in the hand. If you’re representing an overpair and a scare card hits or it’s 4 to a straight on board, it’s unlikely you’d continue to betting. This makes players reluctant to fold and they will get stubborn. A convincing story usually requires the player to have bet on multiple streets. If you check every round and bet on the river, it’s less likely to garner respect from an opponent as you’ve not represented anything until the last card.

2) Continuation bets can be effective bluffs

Most players in an online casino Malaysia are only playing their cards. If they miss, they will often just fold. This is an important thing to remember when you get to the flop heads up. Players only connect with the flop around 33% of the time. This means there’s a 67% chance they missed completely so you can profitably bet most flops when you’re one on one. A continuation bet is where you raised before the flop and bet again on the flop. In low stakes games they are still profitable do a lot of the time, particularly on dry and disconnected boards.

3) Overbets work well

Finally, when it comes to bluffing in a casino, consider the bigger bets. From my experience they tend to work better because you’re putting more pressure on your opponent. A small bet is far easier to call and doesn’t make your opponent’s think too hard. Conversely, a bet of the pot or even larger can sometimes be enough to put your opponent off and they fold thinking it’s not worth it. Naturally, it works better if you’ve read them for a moderate strength hand and not a strong one.

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